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Are you struggling with unwanted pests invading your home or business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But the good news is, you’ve come to the right place for affordable and reliable pest control Dublin! With Pest Solutions Dublin, you can rest easy knowing your pest problem is in capable hands. Contact us today and let us help you make your home or business pest-free! We working throughout Dublin, Meath Kildare, Wicklow

Why Choose Pest Control Services

🌟 Expertise & Experience
With years of experience in the pest control industry, our team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to tackle any pest problem effectively and efficiently.

🌟 Customised Solutions
We understand that every pest infestation is unique. That’s why we provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring long-lasting results.

🌟 Safe & Eco-Friendly Methods
Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We use only safe and environmentally-friendly methods and products to eliminate pests, ensuring a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. As proud members of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in pest control management.

🌟 Fast Response Time
We know that pest problems need to be addressed promptly. That’s why we offer a fast response time to ensure your home or business is pest-free as quickly as possible.

Pest Control Dubln

Our Services

🐜 Ant Control 

Effectively manage ant infestations in both residential and commercial settings with our targeted solutions, safeguarding your property and ensuring a pest-free environment. Read More

🐀 Rat Control

From detection and extermination to prevention, we offer comprehensive rat control services to protect your home and business. Read More

🐭 Mice Control 

Safeguard your property with our effective mice control solutions, offering thorough detection, removal, and prevention services. Read More

🐝 Wasp Nest Removal 

Ensure the safety of your home or business with our professional wasp eradication services, swiftly eliminating nests and preventing future infestations. Read More

🏡Residential Services

From ants, spiders, and cockroaches to rodents and more, we offer comprehensive residential  services to protect your home and family. Read More

🏢 Commercial Services

Keep your business pest-free with our specialised commercial pest control services tailored to the unique needs of your industry. Read More

🦗 Insect Control

Say goodbye to unwanted insects with our effective insect control services. We target a variety of common pests, including ants, silverfish, cockroaches, and more, to keep your home or business insect-free. Read More

🔍 CCTV Drain Surveys

We offer CCTV drain surveys to identify any potential issues with your drains that could be attracting pests, providing you with peace of mind. Read More

Pest Control Services

Additional Services We Offer

In addition to our comprehensive pest control services, We also specialises in Pest Proofing and Property Pre-Purchase Inspections.

🛡️Pest Proofing
Protect your home or business from future pest infestations with our professional pest proofing services. We identify and seal off potential entry points to prevent pests from entering your property, giving you long-lasting peace of mind.

🏠🔍 Property Pre-Purchase Inspection
Considering buying a new property? Ensure it’s free from pests with our comprehensive pre-purchase pest inspection service. Our expert team will thoroughly inspect the property for any signs of infestation and provide you with a detailed report, helping you make an informed decision.

Trust Pest Control Dublin for all your pest problem needs and let us help you create a safe and pest-free environment for your home or business.

Pest Control FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

5 Star Testimonials

Claire Cronin
Claire Cronin
Daniel is excellent. He responded to a call at night and came immediately. Very professional and knowledgeable.
aishwarya annigeri
aishwarya annigeri
Daniel helped me throughout the process. He not supported me with all the necessary advice but he was punctual, understanding and more than helpful. He was very polite and did the work brilliantly. He followed up regularly and also made sure that everything wss going according to plan. He was ready to help me with my specific needs at all time and I am very happy that he helped me solve my problem with mice and rats. He was both professional and very empathetic at the same time. I would highly recommend the service 🙂
Philomena Doss
Philomena Doss
Well detailed check for pest control, honest and friendly, dedicated to his job, and well priced. Highly recommended
Alan Smeaton
Alan Smeaton
We had a rat problem in our drains and garage. Daniel was prompt and professional, he is the expert and he is very reassuring. He did exactly what he promised and cleared out our problem, offered documentary evidence (no thanks Dan, I don't really need to see the photos but I believe you) and called back several times to make sure we were happy. He was very thorough, checking out any and all possible entry points and didn't leave us until he himself was satisfied our problem was gone. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat, thanks Daniel.
el maxwell
el maxwell
Dan was brilliant. Very knowledgeable and offers a great service at a very reasonable price
Andrea Kohler
Andrea Kohler
Recently had to contact Daniel to deal with an issue in my home. He was absolutely brilliant , very professional and helpful. He was very quick to respond and carried out the work to a very high standard . Daniel was thorough and spent the time to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it. Provided an excellent service for a reasonable price and I would highly recommend him.
Kotryna Payne
Kotryna Payne
Daniel only deserves 5 stars! I contacted him about a rat in the middle of the night and he was very responsive and reassuring, real human factor and is not just out for your money, far from it! He was excellent in getting rid of the rat problem and it turned out mice too. He is a lovely chap and I couldnt recommend him more⭐️
kim colliton
kim colliton
I highly recommend Pest Solutions Dublin for assistance with any rodent/bugs. My mam had a few mice 2 weeks ago and she's terrified of them so after we caught a few ourselves to put her mind at ease, we called Pest Solutions Dublin. I'm absolutely delighted that we did. Daniel came out and did a very thorough check and laid the appropriate bait and dust. Daniel came back yesterday to check and thankfully everything is perfect. Daniel sent a detailed report and pictures on his first visit. He understood how upset/scared my mam was and he really put her mind at ease. The communication was brilliant and the information was clear. Highly recommend this company. Thanks so much Pest Solutions Dublin.
Fran Byrne
Fran Byrne
Had mice problem just before Christmas. Easily arranged appointment arrived on time and got straight to work to sort my problem. Dan explained everything he was going to do. I have young kids so I was concerned about what would be left around the house. Dan assured me everything was kid friendly. Full examination of the house inside and out. Dan said he would be back after Christmas and true to his word he arranged a follow up visit. A full inspection again. Problem was sorted and the entrance point sealed up. Brilliant professional service and exceptional value for money. Highly recommended. Thanks Dan.
Lynda Hughes
Lynda Hughes
We had to get a pest problem looked at over the Christmas period and Dan was brilliant- he called me same day I sent a request and arrived out straight away. He did a very thorough investigation and explained the whole process to me clearly. He was very professional and helpful. He came back to follow up on everything as agreed and I can absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs help in this area! Thanks Dan from Lynda

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